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Economy of Kashmir 

Kashmir's economy is mostly revolved around farming. More than 60% of populace is locked in with horticultural division. Generally the staple harvest of the valley was rice, which framed the boss sustenance of the individuals. Also, Indian corn, wheat, grain and oats were additionally developed. Issued its calm atmosphere, it is suited for products like asparagus , artichoke, seakale, wide beans, red runners, beet root, cauliflower and cabbage. 

Organic product trees are normal in the valley, and the developed plantations yield pears, fruits , peaches, and cherries. Fruits of kashmir are exceptionally longed for all over India. 

The boss trees are deodar , firs and pines, chinar or plane, maple, birch, walnut, apple and cherry. 

Truly, Kashmir got to be known overall when Cashmere fleece was sent out to different areas and countries (fares have stopped because of diminished wealth of the cashmere goat and expanded rivalry from China). 

Kashmiris are well adroit at sewing and making Pashmina shawls , silk floor coverings, mats, kurtas , and ceramics. Saffron, as well, is developed in Kashmir. Endeavors are on to fare the commonly developed products of the soil as natural nourishments predominantly to the Middle East. 

Srinagar is known for its silver-work, papier mache, wood-cutting, and the weaving of silk. 

The economy was gravely harmed by the 2005 Kashmir seismic tremor which, as of October 8, 2005, brought about more than 70,000 passings in the Pakistan-controlled piece of Kashmir and around 1,500 passings in Indian controlled Kashmir. The Indian-managed segment of Kashmir is accepted to have possibly rich rocks containing hydrocarbon holds. 

Tourism area has a noteworthy part in the economy of Kashmir. More than 1 million voyagers went by Kashmir in 2012.
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