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Arts and Crafts 

The motivation for the formation of human expressions and specialties of Kashmir is the paradisiacal place where there is Kashmir in its physical and otherworldly significance and statement. The aesthetic virtuoso of the Kashmiri individuals as communicated in the fields of writing, verse, abstract pictures, shawl-production, weaving, weaved floor-blankets, wood-work and wood-cutting, papier-mâché and metal-work. 
Expressions of the human experience and specialties of Kashmir vouch for the Kashmiri craftsman being a genuine sweetheart of nature. Nature is reflected in the cleaned mirror of the outlines and embellishing examples of ornamentation of the Kashmiri expressions. Verse in structure to achieve the domain of thought, thought, dream and vision that shows euphoria in this world as the world is blissful in Him. This can be seen through the relationship of the customary rug being the natural impression of the universe itself. Accordingly it takes after that it is an evidence, recommendation, or outflow of the mirror picture ofthe indication in common, material, mortal and at all conceivable in non-otherworldly world or the mainstream world the space, universe or the sky above, which are divine and holy. 
Numerous scholarly people call Kashmir a paradise on earth. It's called so for its picturesque excellence as well as for sensitive expressions and artworks as well. The differing articles going from woolen materials of warm delicate surface of inimitable perfection in weaving, hand-woven rugs of finest twist and weft, to the wonderful plans dealt with papier-mâché, wood work, flatware, and so on are the results of remarkable craftsmanship. 


Papier-mâché, the uncommon art of Kashmir, is better known to this a piece of world alone. Kashmiri craftsmen make these gems in all the conventional and additionally cutting edge themes to the stature of flawlessness and unpredictable planning. These gold lined boxescome in all example and shapes that hold the fortune of yours.
Mash the essential fixing of papier-mâché is arranged in a complex way and formed in all structures - boxes, lights, vases, holders, balls, bangles, casings and a huge number of different potential outcomes. Papier-mâché includes ornamentation in shading, gold and silver over smoothened surfaces developed of paper mash or in some cases wood and card board. The plans utilized as a part of Papier-mâché are extremely complicated and their application obliges a lot of creative expertise and exactness. 


A novel position among Kashmir materials is held by the praised shawl known as Pashimina shawl.The fabric of this shawl is separated from the smooth fluffy fleece of Kel goat by the handloom artisans who are generally ladies people. Similarly prominent is the praised 'ring shawl'. The fabric of this specific shawl is so smooth and smooth that it can go smoothly through a ring and thus the name. Uncommon and unique in relation to the others is the Jamavar shawl. For this situation, the strings of the twist and weft are colored before weaving. The curious appeal of this popular shawl is gotten from the orchestra of shading plans portraying building and fanciful figures interlaced with scene outlines.
A high-class shawl is required to have the outlines worked equitably on both sides. The cost of a pashmina shawl may extend anyplace from a couple of hundred rupees to a great many rupees, contingent on the craftsmanship and the time variable included in its creation. 


The rugs from Kashmir are known for the perplexing and sensitive handwork done on them.Besides, they are world celebrated for two things - firstly, they are hand made and furthermore, they are constantly tied, never tufted. The hitching of the floor covering is a standout amongst the most vital viewpoints that focus its solidness and value,in expansion to its outline. The more bunches every square crawl, the more prominent its esteem and toughness. The shades of Kashmiri floor coverings are subtler than quieted; the yarn (either: silk, fleece or a mix of both) is colored utilizing vegetable hues.
The gabba- an exceptional sort of floor covering, readied from old woolens in an assortment of structures and plans  come by the namda business, and its make is limited at Anantnag. Baramulla has practical experience in printed gabbas. The chain-fasten rung, which takes after the gabba floor covering, is additionally fabricated monetarily, as the base is Hessian material and coarse fleece, over which botanical and different themes are lived up to expectations. The widely varied vegetation of diverse terrains Kashmir, Central Asia and Iran are delineated on the floor coverings of Kashmir in an amicability typical oftraditional blend of Kashmir's differing factions and societies. 


The weaving of Kashmir, called kasida, is world-well known. Changed, rich in shading, expound in subtle element and lovely in execution, the kasida examples are openly drawn by the naqqash basically from memory. The finest kasida work, especially weaved on shawls or saris, has no "wrong" side. The chain-fasten is additionally utilized for the making of a substantial number of various articles, for example, sacks, screens a
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