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Literature and Poetry 

Kashmiri Literature has a background marked by no less than 2,500 years, going back to the greatness days of Sanskrit. The utilization of the Kashmiri dialect started with the artist Lalleshvari or Lal Ded (fourteenth century), who composed enchanted verses. An alternate spiritualist of her time just as venerated in Kashmir and prevalently known as Nunda Reshi composed intense verse like his senior Lal Ded. Later, came Habba Khatun (sixteenth century) with her own particular style. Other significant names are Rupa Bhavani (1621-1721), Arnimal (d. 1800), Mahmud Gami (1765-1855), Rasul Mir (d. 1870), Paramananda (1791-1864 ), Maqbool Shah Kralawari (1820-1976). Additionally the Sufi writers like Shamas Fakir, Wahab Khar, Soch Kral, Samad Mir, and Ahad Zargar.

Among present day artists are Ghulam Ahmad Mahjur (1885-1952), Abdul Ahad Azad (1903-1948), and Zinda Kaul (1884-1965).

Amid 1950s, various knowledgeable youth turned to Kashmiri composing, both verse and writing, and enhanced present day Kashmiri composing quickly. Among these scholars are Dinanath Nadim (1916-1988), Rahman Rahi, Muzaffar Aazim, Ghulam Nabi Firaq, Amin Kamil (1923-) , Ali Mohd Lone, Akhtar Mohiuddin and Sarvanand Kaul 'Premi'. Some later day essayists are Hari Krishan Kaul, Majrooh Rashid,Rattanlal Shant, Hirdhey Kaul Bharti, Nazir Jahangir, Moti Lal Kemmu and so forth.

Customary occasions are still mainstream and as in alternate parts of Kashmir, verse is exceedingly refreshing. The craft of narrating, both engrossing and instructive, considered a route for the transmission of good teachings, is esteemed and a rich oral writing is still alive today.

The primary dialect of Kashmir is Kashmiri. It is said that it is a blended dialect and most of its vocabulary is of Indian inception and it is united to that of Sanskritic-Indo-Aryan dialects of Northern India.

Kashmiri verse starts with the works of incredible spiritualist poetess Lalleshwari of fourteenth century. These maxims are the jewels of Kashmiri verse and genuine learning of yoga. These are profound and brilliant. She held a key to numerous spiritualist truths. The accompanying stanza delineates her profound spiritualist thought:

"So my light of learning a remote place, Fanned by moderate breath from the throat of me.

They, my brilliant soul to my self uncovered. Winnowed I abroad my inward light. Furthermore, with haziness around me fixed, Did I gather truth and hold Him tight."

(Deciphered by Sir Richard Temple)

Lal Ded thinks disintegration of "self" (Aham) crucial for Realization. As indicated by her, Sadhaka needs to achieve that mental disposition where there is no distinction in the middle of "Him" and 'self'. She says one who considers his own self as well as other people alike closures the refinement in the middle of "I" and 'you', who treats days and evenings alike, who is above distresses and joys, can just acknowledge God in his own self. As per her, separation between the human soul and Divine-self was Zero. Lal Ded is the first lady spiritualist to lecture medieval enchantment in Kashmiri verse. She utilized illustrations, enigmas and different mediums for her statement.

Like Lal Ded, an alternate spiritualist artist of Kashmiri dialect is Nunda Rishi, who is known as Sheik Nur-ud-Din. Nunda Rishi supported great activity which is the mystery of joy on the planet. He lectured a trained life like this:

Yearning is similar to the hitched wood of the timberland

It can't be made into boards, pillars or into supports;

He who cut and telled it,

Will smolder it into fiery remains.

He considered rosary as a snake and supported genuine love:

Don't go to Sheik and Priest and Mullah;

Don't sustain the cows or Arkh or clears out;

Don't quiets thyself down in mosques or backwoods;

Enter thine own body with breath controlled in fellowship with God.
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