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16 Things to Make this Eid Special for family For a number of Muslim families, Eid is simply a twice-yearly routine that doesn't change: get up, pray Fajr, eat breakfast, go pray, hug Eid Mubarak, come home, maybe go out, maybe have people over, eat, eat, eat, get gifts or Eid money, eat, and sleep. This year, why not make Eid the special holiday that it is? Here are some ideas of things you can do with the family to get out of the usual yearly Eid routine.
1. Plan in advance
Call a family meeting a week before and plan what you want to do on Eid day. Invite others over in the afternoon, and have dinner at a restaurant in the evening? Or vice-versa? Discuss ideas with the family, including all of the kids. Also, talk about the menu and delegate cooking responsibilities instead of dumping the whole workload on mom. And make sure EVERYONE has a day off from work, school or any other commitments.
2. Clean and decorate the home
Get everyone in on this. Make the house as sparkling clean as you can. If there is enough time and the weather is warm, consider white washing the house and putting mattresses and bedding outside to air out. Then, once the house is virtually spotless, decorate it with lights, banners, streamers,etc. Get the younger kids involved in this process. Have them make decorative signs saying "Eid Mubarak" and post these around the house. Put an Islamic song on the CD or cassette player so everyone can sing or hum along while they work. The ideal one would be A Whisper of Peace which features the song "These are the Days of Eid".
3. Make special food
3. Make special food Make something special which the family does not normally eat, it can be sweet, sour or in- between. The point is that Eid is special, and the food we eat on this day should be better and different from our usual meals.
4. Set up a family gift exchange
4. Set up a family gift exchange Put each family member's name in a Kufi and have each person pull one out. Whoever picks a person's name has to buy or make that person a gift. One catch: babies have to get gifts from everyone.
5. Have the kids make gifts for each other
If you're not into the gift exchange idea and want everyone to get a present try this. Arts and crafts are the best tool for making these gifts. They are personal and cheap, and save useless trips to the shopping center. You can have the kids collect all of the odds and ends they find during the Eid house clean up in a box. Then they can use these things to make strange but meaningful Eid gifts .
6. Buy new clothes
6. Buy new clothes Kids will not feel Eid is special if they are sporting the same Shalwar Kameez, suit or Thobe they've worn on Eid for the last two years. Invest in Eid and get them something new. Or at least get everyone to prepare nice clothes for Eid by washing or getting them dry cleaned.
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