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Romantic sms Messages

www.fmzsms.tk IN 976 days ago
'Near ones r not dear' 'Dear ones r not near' It is easy to remember the near ones. But... Very difficult to forget the dear ones. HAPPY Valentine's Day.

www.fmzsms.tk IN 976 days ago
U r unique U r caring & U r the best��. N Im d luckiest to Have U in my life! HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY MY SWEET HEART!

www.fmzsms.tk IN 976 days ago
My valentine: Why would I bring you chocolate when you are the treat. My valentine: Why would I bring you flowers when your smell is what's sweet. My valentine: Why would I buy you a card when the words can be heard through me. My valentine: Why would I take you out some place when all I need is to see your face. My valentine: Why would I celebrate this on one special day When I can do it always.

www.fmzsms.tk IN 976 days ago
Be My Valentine This may be a little silly, But I have a question for you, Will you be my valentine? 'Cause no one else will do... I know you are my boyfriend But will you be my valentine? I can't think of anyone else I'd want to have as mine... No one else gives me the tingles The way you always do, So, will you be my valentine? So I can share this with you... No one has ever kissed me And sent chills down my spine, Until the night you kissed me, So, please be my valentine... Like I said this is silly, But I have one last question for you... If you agree to be my valentine, Can I be yours too?

www.fmzsms.tk IN 976 days ago
Every day I come to school; I spend a lot of time Learning all the things you teach, Which is the reason I'm Sending you this Valentine; It's meant to let you know I'm happy you're my teacher And I want to tell you so! Happy Valentine's Day To my favorite teacher!

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