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Breakup sms Messages

WAR4U IN 707 days ago
Moving on is not about Cut the communication. Delete the number. Ignore each other.. Avoid and Forget. It is about accepting the fact that He/She Is not for you, And you r also not for him/her You don’t have to be bitter When you know you can be better :-)

WAR4U IN 707 days ago
BREAKUPS Aren't Always Meant To Make Up, Sometimes They Happen To Give You A Chance To WAKE UP

WAR4U IN 707 days ago
I guess that I'm da loser Cause u hav found some1 new But I'm still here, still all alone Just crying over u

WAR4U IN 707 days ago
If A Boy Cries For A Girl, That Doesn't Mean He Is Stupid, If A Boy Cant Move On To Another Girl, That Doesn't Mean He Is Stubborn If A Boy Gets Depressed For 'one Girl', That Doesn't Mean He Is A Loser If A Boy Always Dreams About Only 'one Girl', That Doesn't Mean He's Just Got Addicted To Her If A Boy Is Obsessed For One Girl, That Doesn't Mean He Cant Be With Any Other Girl If A Boy Is Crazy For One Girl, That Doesn't Mean He Has Lost His Mind…. But, All That Means Is, He Loves That Girl So Much That He Cant Love Any Other Girl In The Same Way..

WAR4U IN 707 days ago
I need to make myself busy so I can forget that I'm deeply hurt and broke.

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